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     About Guangdong University of Business Studies (GUBS)

      Guangdong University of Business Studies (GUBS) was established in 1983. As one of the key institutions of higher learning in Guangdong Province, GUBS offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in economics, management, law, English and Chinese literature, science and engineering which confer Bachelor¡¯s Degree or Master¡¯s Degree, in addition to a second bachelor¡¯s degree for law students. GUBS has over 17,228 full-time students (including postgraduates and overseas Chinese students and those from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan). And it comprises 2 campuses. The Guangzhou Campus is located in the southeast of the city in the close vicinity of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the Sanshui Campus is situated at the Yundonghai Tourist Economic Zone in Sanshui, Foshan. Moreover, the university and Zengcheng Sun City Ltd. in Guangzhou have run an undergraduate independent College---Huashang College.
       GUBS insists on the practice of centering on teaching, with the construction of specialty as the mainstay and scientific research as an impetus to propel teaching improvement. GUBS practices the systems of credits for their degrees offered, second bachelor¡¯s degrees and minor studies and is rigorous in its teaching management. To adapt to the new situation of economic and social developments at home and abroad, GUBS is optimizing its construction of specialties and subjects, consolidating its ascendant specialties, developing its applied specialties and propping up modern specialties. As a result, a specialty system of brilliant features has been taking shape.
       GUBS has established fourteen schools and departments offering sixteen master-degree programs and 36 undergraduate specialties. Most specialties are in dire need after China¡¯s entry into WTO, among which constitution & administration law and enterprise management are of provincial priority specialties£¬and marketing, law, accounting£¬information management & information systems£¬Finance, International Economics & Trade, Public Finance are classified as provincial brand specialties. GUBS owns several priority laboratories including the Guangdong Laboratory of E-commerce Marketing Applied Technology, which is ranked as the priority laboratory by the province and two other priority laboratories, i.e. Economy & Management Laboratory and the Experimental Center of Enterprise Resource Planning (which are ranked as priority laboratories by the Educational Department of Guangdong Province (the former one is the first major laboratory of liberal arts among institutions of higher learning of Guangdong Province). GUBS also owns the Research Center of Law Build-up & Economic Development (one of the key research bases of humanities and social science in the provincial institutions of higher learning), and the Journal of Guangdong University of Business Studies, one of the excellent journals on social science in China.
       GUBS has a high-qualified and capable, young and energetic teaching staff of sound structure. It has more than 894 professional teachers, among whom there are 135 professors and 228 associate professors, 180 teachers who are doctoral degree holders or are studying for doctor¡¯s degree, and 480 teachers who hold masters degree.This university has also engaged over 100 Chinese and foreign well-known experts on economics, management and law as part-time or guest professors.
       Conditions for running the university are favorable. GUBS covers an area of over 2383mu (1,590,675 square meters). The total value of all equipments for teaching and scientific research amounts to 91.4 million yuan, including such modern facilities as multimedia teaching equipment, language labs, simulated law courts, judiciary technical experimental center and commercial science labs. An Intranet has been built in classrooms of all teaching buildings, which make possible various teaching activities by means of multimedia facilities. GUBS¡¯s library, with a collection of 2.45 million handcopies of books and its digital library with a collection of 300,000 books is one of the most advanced libraries among colleges and universities in Guangdong Province. The GUBS Intranet connected with the Internet makes worldwide information sharing possible and is quite conducive to teaching and scientific research. And an NIC is provided for every student in the dormitory on all the campuses. In addition, the development of academic research and research outcomes, which have been awarded prizes of the ministerial or provincial level, will greatly enhance the standard of teaching and the quality of talents cultivation in GUBS.
      GUBS is active in international exchanges and cooperation. By means of joint research projects and joint-effort programs, it has successively established long-term, stable partnership relations with more than 20 institutions of higher learning in the USA, Britain, France, Japan, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam as well as in Hong Kong and Macao. At present, GUBS has been undertaking a five-year ¡°4+1¡± bachelor-master degree program with the University of Greenwich and Thames Valley University in Britain., and a four-year ¡°1+2+1¡± double bachelor¡¯s degree program with University of North Arizona, Troy University and University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Menlo College in the United States.
       GUBS aims at educating its students by carrying out quality education into specialized personnel of open-minded, competent and innovative type with noble character and global vision as well as the basic knowledge of modern science and practical skills. GUBS students have won many awards in both international and domestic liberal and physical arts competitions, such as the Olympic Games, Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Competition, Challenge Cup Undergraduate Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Products Contests, and FLTRP Cup English Debating Contest. The graduated students from GUBS are very popular among business employers and government organizations. The overall rates of graduate employment have continued to rank among colleges and universities the highest in the province in successive years. The rates are 99.29%, 99.57%, 99.39% , 99.57% and 99.39% in 2004- 2006 respectively. Up to now, as many as 30,000 students have graduated from GUBS and are zealously contributing to the economic and social well£­being of Guangdong Province and South China.

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